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Broadband control of topological–spectral correlations in space–time beams

Marco Piccardo*, Michael de Oliveira, Veronica R. Policht, Mattia Russo, Benedetto Ardini, Matteo Corti, Gianluca Valentini, Jorge Vieira, Cristian Manzoni, Giulio Cerullo and Antonio Ambrosio*

Nature Photonics | 2023

Radially and Azimuthally Pure Vortex Beams from Phase-Amplitude Metasurfaces

Michael de Oliveira, Marco Piccardo, Sahand Eslami, Vincenzo Aglieri, Andrea Toma, and Antonio Ambrosio

ACS Photonics | 2023

Moiré Modulation of Van Der Waals Potential in Twisted Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Stefano Chiodini, James Kerfoot, Giacomo Venturi, Sandro Mignuzzi, Evgeny M. Alexeev, Bárbara Teixeira Rosa, Sefaattin Tongay, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Andrea C. Ferrari, and Antonio Ambrosio

ACS Nano | 2022

Vortex laser arrays with topological charge control and self-healing of defects

Marco Piccardo, Michael de Oliveira, Andrea Toma, Vincenzo Aglieri, Andrew Forbes and Antonio Ambrosio

Nature Photonics | 2022

Varifocal diffractive lenses for multi-depth microscope imaging

Francesco Reda, Marcella Salvatore, Fabio Borbone, Pasqualino Maddalena, Antonio Ambrosio, and Stefano Luigi Oscurato

Optics Express | 2022

Shapeshifting Diffractive Optical Devices

Stefano L. Oscurato, Francesco Reda, Marcella Salvatore, Fabio Borbone, Pasqualino Maddalena, and Antonio Ambrosio

Laser & Photonics Reviews | 2022

Large-Scale Multiplexed Azopolymer Gratings with Engineered Diffraction Behavior

Stefano L. Oscurato, Francesco Reda, Marcella Salvatore, Fabio Borbone, Pasqualino Maddalena, and Antonio Ambrosio

Advanced Materials Interfaces | 2021

Enhanced photoinduced mass migration in supramolecular azopolymers by H-bond driven positional constraint

Fabio Borbone, Stefano Luigi Oscurato, Salvatore Del Sorbo, Filippo Pota, Marcella Salvatore, Francesco Reda, Pasqualino Maddalena, Roberto Centore and Antonio Ambrosio

Journal of Materials Chemistry C | 2021

Recent twists in twisted light: A Perspective on optical vortices from dielectric metasurfaces

Marco Piccardo and Antonio Ambrosio

Applied Physics Letters | 2020

Arbitrary polarization conversion for pure vortex generation with a single metasurface

Marco Piccardo and Antonio Ambrosio

Nanophotonics | 2020

Quantitative Study of Morphological Features of Stem Cells onto Photopatterned Azopolymer Films

Marcella Salvatore, Stefano Luigi Oscurato, Marietta D’Albore, Vincenzo Guarino, Stefania Zeppetelli , Pasqualino Maddalena , Antonio Ambrosio, and Luigi Ambrosio

Journal of Functional Biomaterials | 2020